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Video: Naked Narcotics - PAIA Idiots / Bright Blue Spark

A double-whammy video! Two-for-one! Two for Tuesdays! Two Naked Narcotics tracks crammed into one Vimeo embed, blended with source footage from everybody’s favourite Spanish language kids show. Click hear to learn and hear more from Naked Narcotics’ debut cassette Bliss Metallic!

Release: Naked Narcotics - Bliss Metallic (TLWS015)

TLWS is pleased to present Naked Narcotics’ debut cassette Bliss Metallic! A c40 of psychedelic minimal beats, a mish-mash of krautrock, no-wave, and everything else you love. And all in stunning 3D! (Seriously!) CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO SAMPLES, TO READ MORE, TO ORDER, ETC.

SALE: 2 for 1 @ They Live We Sleep Christmas Cassettes


I know what you’re thinking,

"For these 12 days of Christmas, I just want to avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded malls and just get some new experimental cassettes."

I’m sick of hearing this and knowing that you’re in for the worst, no new cassettes for you or your loved ones this Christmas. It ends here! Two for One sale at the TLWS store! Let’s get rid of all the stock, give you some great stocking stuffers for your weirdo like-minded friends, and give me some PayPal money so I can afford Christmas gifts for MY weirdo like-minded friends!

And when I say get rid of stock, I mean get rid of stock, because I have a VERY limited amount of cassettes left over. Three Aim Low / Les Beyond, three ckettering, two Les Cousins Dangereux, one Video Nasties - The Day the Screaming Stopped. HOWEVER, I have a whole bunch of Video Nasties’ Halloween Remix Mixtape, of which you probably didn’t even know existed, BECAUSE I FORGOT TO POST IT ON THIS TUMBLR. As well as a handful of Sex Slaves cassettes (maybe you’ll find yourself with some gloomy Christmas jams).

So here’s what you do: when you purchase a cassette via PayPal (either by direct email or the PayPal buttons that never work), tell me which two cassettes you would like! It’s that easy! Just make sure to go to the order page of the cassettes to confirm they’re still available! I have quite a few of the Halloween mixtape so you shouldn’t have to worry about the availability of that one.

So Happy Holidays to all friends of TLWS (and if you’re reading this, I consider you a friend). Get drunk, yell at your family over dinner, hug them the next day, so on.

Video: Aim Low & Les Beyond - “String Theory”

Join Tubbs and Crockett as they speedboat through rough tracking errors waves to stop a drug smuggler to simultaneously smuggle drugs and also win a boat race. The stakes are high, and the music is loud. The nine minute track “String Theory” is merely an excerpt from the explosive twenty-two minute side of Aim Low and Les Beyond’s collaboration. Click here to learn more and order.

Release: Aim Low & Les Beyond - String Theory (TLWS014)

SHOEGAZE IS NOT A CRIME. Montreal’s loudest and quietest come together for one really loud cassette (loud always wins). CLICK HERE TO LISTEN AND READ AND ORDER.

And if you find yourself in Montreal on October 3rd, head to Casa Del Popolo for a little tape launch. MOON DUO + EVENT CLOAK + AIM LOW. I’ll be there providing the best in warbly VHS visuals for the boyzz.

They Live We Distro: Video Nasties - Amore e Rabbia (AGF7)

Video Nasties - Amore e Rabbia

Last night I came home to a beautiful glowing box from A Giant Fern. The Video Nasties cassettes have arrived! And a whole bunch of awesome pins as well (I’m basically draped in them at this very moment, but they’re yours with an order). The wooden cases are simply to die for, and the jewel cases perfectly capture the darkness and cynicism of the cassette.

Order your copy here! International orders may want to save on shipping and get their copy of AGF.

Video Nasties - Amore e Rabbia c34 (AGF7)

Video Nasties - Amore e Rabbia

Video Nasties - Amore e Rabbia (AGF7 c34)

The Portuguese label and friend A Giant Fern has released Video Nasties’ fourth cassette, Amore e Rabbia. 34 minutes of dark distorted Yamaha compositions, exploring the duality of passion and anger within war, politics, and society.

25 black shell copies packaged in a screen-printed wooden case with two small pins of your choice. (8 euros)
25 white shell copies packaged in a jewel-case with one large pin. (5 euros)

Order directly from A Giant Fern. TLWS distro copies coming soon.

Video: Eric Copeland & DJ Dog Dick - B.Y.O.B. (EAC, 2012)

I had no plans on posting this since it’s an unofficial/unsolicited video, but if Fusetron posted it and they’re the only distro selling the single, does that make it the official video? A mystery for the ages.

Pick up the B.Y.O.B. 7” at Fusetron. My vinyl rip sounds like a hunk of junk in terms of audio quality.

Video: Les Cousins Dangereux - The Bookhouse Boys [NSFW]

Scrambled pornography, the unsung hero whose death will never be properly mourned in the battle between the digital age and the analog yesterday, still lives in your CRT. For optimal viewing, keep your thumb on the Jump/Recall button of your remote control, just in case one of your parents decide to walk down the basement stairs. Channel 70 remained snowy and scrambled for a reason. Secrets are rarely revealed so easily.

This video is quite smutty and is not safe for work or family functions.

"The Bookhouse Boys" appears on Les Cousins Dangereux c27 cassette "Jacks". Copies are available here.