Mixtape: Video Nasties - I’d Rather Be Hot Knifing Pt. 1 (TLWS-MX002)

Video Nasties - I'd Rather Be Hot Knifing

Mixtape taken from the Night Bus set w/ CFCF & JRC (Montreal/Blizzarts/Nov. 10).

Here, above,
cracks in the buldings are filled with battered moonlight.
The whole shadow of Man is only as big as his hat.
It lies at his feet like a circle for a doll to stand on,
and he makes an inverted pin, the point magnetized to the moon.
He does not see the moon; he observes only her vast properties,
feeling the queer light on his hands, neither warm nor cold,
of a temperature impossible to records in thermometers.

This feeling of disconnection existed long before Night Bus, but the existence of Night Bus makes me feel just a little bit more comfortable. Thank you, CFCF and JRC, for allowing me to join in on the celebration.

This mixtape was mixed live. The tracks are as follows:
1. The Black Hole (dialogue)
2. Hype Williams - The Throning
3. Excepter - Rock Stepper
4. Acheron - Broken Ship
5. G-Side - Shots Fired
6. Colin Stetson - Judges
7. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
8. Kanye West w/ Rick Ross - Devil in a New Dress
9. Clams Casino - Numb
10. The Clipse - Nightmares
11. The Black Hole (dialogue)
12. Video Nasties - The solar system dies of crib death. If that’s what it takes, then okay.



Mixtape: Damian Bowness

A mixtape completed nearly two years ago, and two years to create. Scrapped, redone, scrapped, redone. It was initially a mixtape for his girlfriend, Katie. Then he decided he should make his own beats. Then he dropped the whole girlfriend mixtape thing and decided to make a mixtape of his own (copyright infringing) music. We agreed that whether or not the relationship lasts (it didn’t), it would still be called “A Mixtape for Katie.” But now it’s for everyone.

One day Damian Bowness will release a cassette on They Live We Sleep. He is currently working on some film noir beats.

Download Damian Bowness’ “A Mixtape for Katie” (320 mp3)

And, a video to accompany the mixtape: